Tips for choosing the Perfect Social media Influencer for your Campaign

As the digital world keeps on expanding, influencers are springing up like mushrooms so how can you discover the ideal candidate to take up your social media marketing campaign? Follow these tips to determine who could make your campaign a success.

  • Identify your target audience

The first step in running a campaign is to identify the audience who require your product or service and determine what kind of information they want to receive. Subsequently the influencer you select must be one who engages a similar audience. Furthermore, you must keep in mind to consider the reach of the prospective influencer within the target audience.

  • Determine whether your campaign requires a Macro influencer or a handful of Micro influencers

A macro influencer is essentially a famous figure,  usually a celebrity with over 100k followers who could promote your brand across the world with just one post. Their social standing and prominence nurtures the brand’s visibility over its rivals. However you need to be aware of the other brands they’re endorsing and whether the macro influencer could spend enough time supporting your brand. On the contrary, micro influencers, though they have under 10k followers, are more adept at engaging the audience with the constant flow of inspirational posts and true-to-life stories. Their community might not be vast yet the audience will show a higher satisfaction and engagement rate since micro influencers are available round the clock for discussion. Hence you need to weigh the pros and cons of advocating the type of influencer that matches your campaign.

  • Dive into the influencer pool

If you need to find the perfect advocate, you cannot afford to stand still and simply visualize the success of your campaign, you need to step out and go in search of the person. Checking out their posts and follower count would give you an idea as to who would align with your campaign.

  • Seek essential values  

A macro influencer or a micro influencer, whoever it is should be invested in their messaging. The partnership must remain genuine and authentic hence you must sign up influencers who are loyal to your brand and show genuine interest in its promotion.

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