Twitch: The Hottest Game streaming platform

Twitch: The Hottest Game streaming platform

Twitch, the name that never fails to come up within esports spaces, has undoubtedly become a giant in the video game industry ever since it was launched in 2011. is an American video live streaming platform offering a variety of ‘live’ entertaining events for users to host such as Games, Music, Talk Shows, Sports, Travel & Outdoors, Just Chatting, Food & Drink, and Special Events. However, it is largely popular for its video game live streaming feature which allows millions of people to engage in watching and interacting with video game streamers. 

Twitch Interactive, is the parent company of which was acquired by Amazon in 2014 due to its ever-growing popularity. By 2015, Twitch gained over 100 million viewers per month and in 2017, Twitch sealed its name as the leading live streaming video service for video games in the US. As of February 2020, Twitch had 3 million broadcasters per month and 15 million active users daily, with 1.4 million average concurrent users. 

Beyond live streaming 

Twitch is in fact not merely a live streaming platform but also a space for game reviewing and consequently game advertising for game developers and publishers. Reviewing newly released games ‘live’, captures the enthusiasts much more effectively than the conventional methods of written reviews and recorded video reviews. The key reasons are, the ability to send textual messages to the streamer to find out more about the features of the game and get answers to questions you are curious about. Also by requesting the streamer to navigate specific parts of the game and shaping it according to your preference you will gain a much more in-depth and personalized review, even if in small parts as fellow viewers to make similar requests. 


As a result of Twitch’s immense popularity, Twitch interactive holds ‘TwitchCon’, a biannual convention devoted to the Twitch community and the culture of video game streaming. TwitchCon is open to streamers, and professionals of the gaming industry in addition to fans and it allows Twitch users to meet their favorite streamers in person, discover new products, and try out the latest games.

All things considered, it is apparent how Twitch has taken the video game world by storm through its strong presence while being an emerging force in the entertainment industry, particularly in the gaming industry, creating links between influencers and developers.

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